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  • Couple with coils of wire and a satellite dish just removed from house
  • photo of man holding up all the wire he just had removed from his home
  • A happy man with celebrating the wire removed from his house
  • Photo of a woman happily holding up coils of telecom wire removed from her homePhoto of 2 satisfied men holding the telecom wire and service box removed from their home
  • A happy man with all the coils of wire that were removed from his house

We are excited to invite Portlanders to join the movement for a wire free sky


Starting in June, Wire Free Sky will be decluttering Portland’s sky

Get 15% off – Request an appointment in the Portland area BEFORE June 1st.  Click here.


Our Services

We declutter your home & sky by removing all your unneeded telecommunication wires, Satellite dishes & TV antennae.
We do it in 3 steps:

1) Identify

We identify the overhead telecom wires that are no longer being used and are cluttering your home, views, and sky.

2) Remove & Declutter

We safely remove unneeded overhead telecom wires, Satellite dishes & TV antennae, PLUS their associated service boxes and wires that are attached to your home.

3) Recycle

We properly recycle the many coils of wire, Satellite dishes, TV antennae, and service boxes we remove.

100% Money Back Guaranteed

We are fully licensed, bonded & insured.

Together We Can Enjoy a More Wire Free Sky

Book an appointment with us to beautify your home & sky.

Easy and well worth it!

photo of coil of wire and phone service box on dirt ground

What a great service! I love how they removed the clutter from the side of our house and from overhead; I can now prune more easily and the house looks so much better. The whole experience was easy and well worth… Read more “Easy and well worth it!”

Jill S. - Roosevelt

Cannot Recommend Enough

coils of wire on sidewalk, photo of and florescent yellow person figure with text slow down on it

Amazing service and I’m so happy that this is available in Seattle. Cannot recommend enough and I truly hope that more and more people take advantage of the fantastic opportunity this service provides our beautiful city. I have zero faith that I would ever get the required and multiple utility companies out to remove the… Read more “Cannot Recommend Enough”

Kenny C. - Lawton Park

What a relief!

Photo of a woman holding up coils of wire WIre Free Sky removed from her home

Thank you for getting all those wires off of our house – what a relief! We’ll definitely try to spread the… Read more “What a relief!”

Nadia - Ballard

Boy, what a difference it makes.

close up of woman holding coil of wires we removed from her home

The team at WireFreeSky is great! We’d never even heard of a service to remove old wires going to our house, but boy, what a difference it makes. Our view out our back window is clear now and it’s great to have obsolete wires that ran up the sides of our house gone. Thanks so… Read more “Boy, what a difference it makes.”

Megan - West Seattle

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