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We declutter your home & sky by removing all your unneeded telecommunication wires, Satellite dishes & TV antennae.
We do it in 3 steps:

1) Identify

We identify the overhead wires that are no longer being used, but are still attached to your house, cluttering your home and view.

2) Remove & Declutter

We safely remove overhead wires that are no-longer-in-use, Satellite dishes & TV antennae, PLUS unneeded service boxes and wires that are attached to your home.

3) Recycle

We recycle the many coils of wire, Satellite dishes & TV antennae we remove from homes and sky.

100% Money Back Guaranteed

We are also fully licensed, bonded & insured.

Together We Can Enjoy a More Wire Free Sky

Book an appointment with us to beautify your home & sky.

Appreciate your client service approach

Thank you Lynne for your excellent service from beginning to end. I enjoyed talking with Reyn and learning about the evil empire of wires. I greatly appreciate your client service approach of booking, confirming emails and text updates. The picture is super appreciated as well. Well done!

Woman wearing a Covid mask and holding up wires Wire Free Sky removed from her home
Michele - Greenlake

What a relief!

Thank you for getting all these those wires off of our house – what a relief! We’ll definitely try to spread the word.

Photo of a woman holding up coils of wire WIre Free Sky removed from her home
Nadia - Ballard


Reyn did an amazing job. The house looks even better than we were expecting!

Photo of man who gave a good review of Wire Free Sky
Jake - Cherry Hill

Delighted by the outcome

Thanks so much! We’re delighted by the outcome. We’ll no longer have to trim our fig tree just to accommodate a dead phone line that hasn’t seen use in two decades. Cheers!

cartoon blue bird flying on blue background chirping a heart emoji
David - Eastlake

Great Experience

Great experience! The appointment was booked quickly and it felt so good to get all those cables (and a satellite dish!) off our roof. Loved the environmental message Ren had for why he started his business.

cartoon blue bird flying on blue background chirping a heart emoji
Katie - Magnolia

Thanks so much! The house looks so good.

2 men holds wires Wire Free Sky removed from their home
Richard & Jessie - Mapleleaf

SO Happy!

We were SO happy to see that this service even exists! Obviously, this is definitely a great thing to have done before new paint, new siding or listing your house for sale or rent but once all of those unsightly wires (and the dish that this prompted us to shut off) were removed and we

Older man holding coils of wires just removed from the exterior of his homs
Eve - Magnolia

Wires Suck!

Wires suck! Unused wires suck more. I wanted gone what could be removed but didn’t know what I could cut. WireFreeSky did. And they took the anxiety out of making the cut. Life feels just a little lighter now. 🙂 thank you, o Life is amazing!

Man holding wires and service boxes that Wire Free Sky removed from his home
Oliver - Greenwood

Did an awesome job.

Shout out to WireFreeSky and cleaning up old, unused cable/phone wire. Reyn, with his business WireFreeSky, did an awesome job removing a ton of old phone and cable lines that were circling our home and blocking our view. They removed the old phone box, all the cables, clips and screws all around the house exterior

Close up of 2 women holding coils of wires we removed from their home
Carrie & Martha - Wallingford

Crazy to see how much he took down

Thanks so much! Please give my thanks to Reyn! He was wonderful and worked so hard (all while getting soaked in the rain). I know our house had a LOT of wire and satellite dishes. We’re so happy to have them gone! We will get the word out to our friends and family and have

woman holding wires Wire Free Sky removed from her home
Katie - Phinney Ridge

Boy, what a difference it makes.

The team at WireFreeSky is great! We’d never even heard of a service to remove old wires going to our house, but boy, what a difference it makes. Scheduling was a breeze and Reyn and Betsy were super nice to work with. They came out and before I knew it Reyn had removed two huge

close up of woman holding coil of wires we removed from her home
Megan - West Seattle

I would recommend WireFreeSky to anyone

It’s rare to find a business that hits on all cylinders- communication, flawless delivery, instant gratification. WireFreeSky proved itself in every way. For me, the most impressive part was the rapid response to any inquiry I sent. The prompt and courteous notification of scheduling and timing and the provision of helpful information to understand what

Man with Covid mask who gave a good Wire Free Sky review
Mike - Wallingford/Fremont

I recommend Wire Free Sky to every homeowner!

Reyn and the Wire Free Sky team are an absolute delight to work with. As the owner of an ecologically-focused landscaping business, Wire Free Sky’s mission to clean up our environment and recycle e-waste feels very important to me. I loved the clear pricing and ease of scheduling, and I really appreciated the clear communication.

Bearded man whose wife gave Wire Free Sky a good review
Allana - Highland Park (Photo is of Landon, her husband)

The Wires Are Gone!

The wires around my house have been bugging me for a long time. I had a minor concern of making sure the services that I needed to keep – fiber optic and cable – didn’t get cut. But Reyn was on top of it and it was a non-issue. I thought it was a great

Photo of Louis by his testimonial
Louis B. - Queen Anne

Amazing what a difference it made!

I highly recommend WireFreeSky. It was amazing what a difference it made to have the detritus from 2 unused landlines removed. Not only did the wires in the sky come down, but lots of junk also came off the exterior of the house. Reyn was efficient, skilled, and knowledgeable.  His enthusiasm for his work is

Peter, wearing a Covid19 mask
Peter- Phinney Ridge

I’m so glad we found you. The house looks so much better.

A man and woman holding wires that WIre Free Sky removed from their home
Jennifer & Tyler - Phinney Ridge

Kind, courteous, knew what they were doing.

I received a card on my porch from Wire Free Sky. I was intrigued and looked at their website. The website was very easy to navigate and user-friendly. I scheduled an appointment and they came out within a couple of days. They removed a bunch of wires from my house that were not needed anymore.

close up of woman holding coil of wires we removed from her home
Julie - Queen Anne

Improved the view in my yard by 100%.

Reyn & Betsy at took down my unsightly, ancient, unused AT&T phone cables. Improved the view in my yard by 100%. Highly recommended.

wires we took off of Betsy's house
Betsy - Wallingford

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